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Premium NFT Marketplace Metaverse and Gaming
We combine NFTs and Gaming with Blockchain Technology in a decentralized application to create a fun and rewarding experience.


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A Brief Overview
of Polycruz
Polycruz, a prominent blockchain and crypto-based company, operates with the primary goal of providing investors with exceptional returns with little risk and effort. CRUZ, the platform's native token, is a BEP-20 standard token built on the trustworthy Binance Smart Chain network. It is one of the most successful networks, ensuring quick transactions at a low cost. It has a decentralized NFT marketplace, Metaverse, and Play to Earn Game that allows users can easily buy, sell, trade, mint, and stake NFTs.
Why Polycruz
What is the significance of polycruz?
Polycruz Exclusive 4K NFTs governance Token
Polycruz Exclusive 4K NFT token is the governance NFT token of the PolyCruz platform. The governance holders will be eligible and are encouraged to provide , DAO voting for project onboarding, suggestions and ideas to improve the platform.
Uncharted Mecha Club NFTs
You're not just getting an avatar or a proven-rare piece of art when you buy an Uncharted Mecha club NFTs. You're joining a club with growing advantages and offerings. Your Uncharted Mecha Club might act as a digital identity and unlock doors for you in the digital world.
Advanced Launchpad for NFTs
The NFT Launchpad has advanced features such as a all features like Whitelist, Airdrop, Royalties and Revenue splits, Giveaway, and Delayed Reveal, timed auction, a lootbox, a Roadmap, softcap, hardcap, while launching need to stake cruz token for certain time, much more.
Initial NFT Offering
A crypto crowdfunding solution where projects can raise funds by listing a set of NFTs via a launchpad. NFTs are experiencing a massive adoption as lots of prominent musicians, artists, athletes, commercial brands and crypto enthusiasts are participating in the NFT market. INOs have risen in popularity with the NFT hype, something that benefits both content creators and investors.
MultiChain MarketPlace
At first, we'll concentrate on Ethereum and the Binance Netwotk. We will incorporate Solana in the future. By doing so, the NFTs and other assets would have increased market visibility, and their marketability will not be restricted within a particular platform.
PolyCruz NFT Marketplace features
NFT packing, NFT Staking, 3D File Support, Opensea Import, Metaverse, Edition Drops, NFT Promotion, Lazy Minting, Newest NFT, Lootbox, Drop Functionality with Time Sale, Time Auction with Reserve Feature, Split Royalty, and Many More Features.
Lower Gas Fees
Profit from the savings by reinvesting them in your NFTs. You'll save time, have a more seamless transaction, and spend less money on gas as a result.
Metaverse & Gaming
Polycruz will initially introduce all 3D collection makers to the Polycruz NFT Marketplace, from where they will be able to import their NFTs into the Polycruz Metaverse Project. they can create your own roadmap within the Polycruz Metaverse Platform and work with all of your assets within the Polycruz Metaverse.
NFTs Aggragator Tools
NFT aggregators consolidate the inventory of multiple NFT marketplaces and platforms into a single unified interface.
Perks of Polycruz
NFT Marketplace
Rights of Ownership
A Platform That Generates Revenue
More Utilities
Immediate Liquidity 
Polycruz have a token buring machanism
Increased Security
Smart contracts

Polycruz Tokenomics

Polycruz Exclusive NFT Token
Start purchasing your Polycruz Exclusive NFT Token now to become club member, since minting will begin soon.
Polycruz "Uncharted Mecha Club" NFT Drop
Start purchasing your "Uncharted Mecha Club" NFT Drop now, since minting will begin soon.
Polycruz Team

Meet Our Crypto & NFT Experts


Founder | CEO


Chief Financial Officer


Corporate Strategy & Planning


Chief Technology Officer


Strategic Advisor


Community outreach & strategy




Graphic Designer


Marketing | Branding






NFT collector & Advisor


Artist & Advisor


Artist & Advisor


Artist & Advisor




Artist & Advisor

Polycruz Roadmap

Phase 1

● Deployment of CRUZ token in Mainnet with burning Mechanism
● Polycruz website development
● IDO Platform will be Launch
● Development of "Uncharted Mecha Club" NFT Assets.

Phase 2

● NFT aggregators, NFT Launchpad, INO & NFT marketplace development
● Launch Polycruz and NFT landing page
● Uncharted Mecha club - Social Media Marketing and PR
● 4K Exclusive Polycruz NFT Token Launch on Opensea

Phase 3

● Seed, VCs, and Private sale
● 10K "Uncharted Mecha club" NFT collection Launch at opensea
● Marketing activities and PR launches for Polycruz
● Auditing

Phase 4

● Airdrop claim by 4K Polycruz Exclusive token holders, and 10K "Uncharted Mecha club" NFT Holders
● Listing CRUZ tokens in top centralized exchanges
● Public sale Cruz token

Phase 5

● Launch of NFT aggregators platform
● Launch of NFT Launchpad
● Launch of NFT INO Launchpad for fundraise

Phase 6

● Decentralized Multichain NFT Marketplace development (BSC and ETH, follow by Solana)
● Establishing connections with creators
● Multichain Integration compatibility

Phase 7

● Development of NFT game Assets
● Launch of Polycruz NFT Marketplace with Metaverse and Gaming asset supporting features followed by Play to earn games using CRUZ tokens
● Launch of Metaverse backed collections through our native launchpad

Phase 8

● Integration of futuristic integration backed by physical assets for trading NFT's
● Integration of cross-chain compatibility
● Seamless connection with multiple platforms
● Metaverse Development which directly interact with NFT Marketplace users. ( More details will be coming soon)

Phase 9

● Launch of gaming backed collections through our native launchpad
● Launch Metaverse ( More details will be coming soon)
● Launch NFT Game Beta Version ( More details will be coming soon)
● Launch NFT Game Full Version ( More details will be coming soon)

Still have questions?
CRUZ is the indigenous utility token of the platform, which is a BEP-20 standard token built on the Binance Smart Chain network.
Yes, we will allow user to create external smart contract and deploy on polycruz cruz platform.
The prime benefits of Polycruz include Provides ownership rights, Provides instant liquidity, Act a revenue-generating platform, Governance attribute, Scarcity.
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